Data collection terminal ECHO

Terminale ECho

he Echo terminal is the optimum solution for all data collection requirements, both for its many benefits as the very reliability of a device designed with the latest technology.

Echo is a particularly reliable and safe product in all conditions, combining superior technical design and a simple and rational aesthetic that makes it adaptable to any environment and application.

Available in two versions, with graphic display and alphanumeric display terminal. Echo is particularly suitable for managing attendance and access control. It can also be installed on a stand or tripod.

  • Available in two versions, with graphic display and alphanumeric display.
  • Integrates magnetic reader, RFID, optical, biometric.
  • Customizable aesthetic level.
  • "Native" Ethernet communication.
  • Optional internal peripherals available as analog modem and GSM / GPRS, Wi-Fi, FM radio.
  • It has a high structural strength with housing in ABS self-extinguishing.
  • It has high reliability, security, electric power and mechanics.
  • Powering in AC and DC.
  • And much more…
RAM Memory 512 Kbyte buffered
Flash Memory 1 Mbyte
Clock Precision 10 ppm Real Time Clock
Reader Bidirectional magnetic, RFID mono- and bi-directional, optical bidirectional, finger print (also combined)
LCD Display Basic Version: alphanumeric 2x16 backlight
Graphic Version: graphic 64x128 backlight
Keyboard Membrane 20 keys
Acoustic pointing Buzzer
Output N.1 24V 1A relay contacts NA NC and implementation of electric lock + 1 optional
Input N. 2 digital TTL CMOS including one ultra fast (optional)
Communication Ethernet 10/100 on board (TCP-IP) + (depending on the options installed): serial RS232/RS485 (to 3 simultaneously), Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b, analogic modem, GSM/GPRS modem, radio FM 868 MHz (EU) or 915 MHz (USA)
Tamper Micro-interrupter
Power 2 Vac-dc +/- 10% + backup battery Ni-Mh 7,2V 1.500mAh
Structure Self-extinguishing polycarbonate, O-ring, customizable cover plates
Dimensions cm. 22,0/25,0 x 14,5 x 9,0

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