Our Hardware

We have a wide range of terminals for managing attendance and access control; card readers, RFID antennas, fingerprint readers, switchboards for automation and environmental control, etc.

With our devices we develop customized solutions according to the multiple needs of our customers in all areas related to data collection.

The possibility of working with our different software products allows us to build scalable, flexible and efficient solutions.

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With decades of experience in hardware, we are able to offer customized solutions for every need

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Attendance Management


Cosmo is the product located in the upper part of the range of products offered by Proietti for the control of presence. But it is not the only one.

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The Echo terminal is the optimum solution for all data collection requirements, both for its many benefits as the very reliability of a device designed with the latest technology.

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High capacity for electronic configuration, functional and mechanical that allows it to be highly adaptable and useful device in the corporate structure.

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Access Control


Gate is a data collection terminal that is designed specifically for access control.

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