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lanet Time Enterprise is the time and attendance management software that has been designed and developed by Proietti.

It is a powerful tool that facilitates the management of human resources through process automation and simplification of procedures, by providing information in real time.

The possibility of use in Windows and Web environments with configuration flexibility make of this an innovative product, ideal for simple structures and more complex environments.

Planet Time Enterprise is a complete suite that manages, integrates and facilitates all aspects of attendance management and human resources.

Planet Time Enterprise is the result of many years of experience, where all the needs and requirements of customers have been implemented and merged into a single product. The platform allows various customizations but is also configurable and modular, able to meet both the needs of simple structures and those with high degree of complexity.

Advantages of this approach to the client:

  • Control of initial costs
    No need for costly customizations because you only have to correctly configure the parameters already provided by the software.
  • A constantly evolving product
    Our clients can benefit from continuous updates that collect requests for new features suggested by thousands of users and also respond to regulatory changes that may arise.
  • Long-term investment
    The program can be continuously updated and last for many years: there are no limitations imposed by customizing or any reason why the program can become obsolete.
  • Multilingue MULTILANGUAGE
    • The program in all its versions is completely multilingual: the operator can choose, at any time, the language in which information is displayed.
    • The support for new languages is done very simply: the resources involved are all external to the program, which is sufficient to provide a set of strings to obtain the desired result.
  • Gestione utenti USER MANAGEMENT
    • Profile access based on roles, context and skills: each operator which accesses the system is enabled to handle only a subset of corporate resources (even if only one employee) and benefit from certain functionalities according to the permissions they have and competences.
    • Access registration and storage of all information and critical operations (eg, variation of an input / output card).
  • Anagrafica dipendente EMPLOYEE REGISTRATION
    • Free registration fields and definable user with both dynamic values and mandatory values, tabulated and compiled.
    • Daily records of employees that permits the classification by type of event and is user definable (training, career, address), and consultation by period and / or time events.
    • Document management
    • Ability to define filter selection based on each of the fields in the record, including the free fields in the nodes of different charts and in the time period of interest criteria.
  • Organigramma aziendale ORGANIZATION CHART
    • Dynamic organization chart (may vary over time) and tree with unlimited nesting levels.
    • You can define an arbitrary number of distinct and independent charts: the position of an employee will then be identified by a set of N coordinates, time-varying.
  • Import timbrature IMPORT RECORDS
    • Import punch in / out records, presence, canteens or cafeterias and cost center, entirely based on script; thus, the process is independent of the technology and of the detection system and it is possible to edit it (when required) in any format.
    • All management can be performed through the Web Client, from the registration of users or employees to reports, through the preparation of schedules. The software is fully accessible from the Web.
    • Configuration and Management for requesting and approving documents, absences, overtime authorization, expense report, monthly tickets and schedule change.
    • Assisted procedure for manual insertion of punch in/out records.
    • Aided method for managing the cards that have not been used. Direct insertion of justificative register.
    • Virtual Terminal tcan simulate physical terminal for attendance management ; the method can distinguish the device in which the printing or punching is performed and verify that it is an instrument authorized.
    • Dispositivi Mobile MOBILE
      • Data collection with smartphone or tablet.
      • A different profile for each device and / or user.
      • Ability to operate offline and then synchronize with the server when it becomes available.
      • Records with geolocation.
      • View information on the Web portal.
    • Workflow WORKFLOW
      • Programmable management of the approval cycle for all the employee requests, with different profiles for each type and for each role and / or operator.
      • Automatic notification (e-mail and / lo SMS) about the change of state of the application.
      • Management via Web and mobile application.
      • Counting meals through the import of the punch records.
      • Booking management with terminals, Web interface and Mobile.
      • Cash register with customizable exportation of costs.
      • Full management of food stamps: delivery, checking the expiry date, budget.
    • Pianificazioni PLANNING
      • Importing the time planning and / or certificate of absence from Excel, XML and Text files, with verification of consistency of information.
      • Planning that allows verification of any deviations from schedule.
      • Planning and monitoring absences from the hierarchical point of view: it is possible to program the holidays taking under control all involved resources, aggregates because of any of the charts available.
    • Elaborazioni PROCESSING
      • Fully parametric calculation engine: all rules are user defined during the configuration phase completely adapted to the policies of the company.
      • Number of profiles, rules, accounting elements and calculation phases virtually infinite.
      • Automated procedures for the elaboration of counters connected to the updated inputs.
      • Sophisticated method for processing the presence / absence (per time interval and / or at the specified time) that allows you to highlight a number of useful information to the operator (the absence is excused - Is one or is part of a period ? - punch in carried out at what moment - and on which terminal?).
    • Ricalcoli RECALCULATION
      • Ability to build custom programs involved in the original results; conditions, actions and formulas can be combined at will to create even very complex transformations:
        • Consolidated periods at the end of daily processing.
        • One employee per day
        • As an event (eg availability)
    • Export Paghe EXPORT PAYROLL
      • Conversion rules with complex aggregator formulas.
      • Automatic extrapolation of counters.
      • Generating output files according to the script: no limitations with regard to export and data format.
      • Agent that allows you to perform most of the tasks in the background without operator assistance, in order to have the data of the application up to date (mainly in the Web environment).
      • Anticipating import operations for punching in/out records, processing, re-processing and updating the counters.
    • Statistiche STATISTICS
      • All data handled and / or processed by the program can be subject to a multidimensional analysis with the possibility of using the organizational chart with elements of aggregation and a series of filters, including a very sophisticated and complex one defined by the operator.
      • The information obtained can be exported or printed in standard formats (eg Excel).
    • Bacheca messaggi SHOUTBOX
      • Shoutbox facilitates communication among office staff and employees or between employees. It is similar to a private email service.
      • It lets you define as required reading the critical or important messages.
    • SMS SMS
      • Notifications by SMS according to a number of parameters configured for each employee or sending defined messages at a specific time (eg meetings or notifications).
      • The service is part of a centralized server which performs physical delivery of SMS: the customer purchases the message packet to be consumed.
    • Email EMAIL
      • Most prints and statistical analysis can be exported in various formats and sent by email to one or more recipients.
      • The monthly records of each employee or of a group of employees, can be sent to the recipient directly by email, with an automatic procedure that saves time and paper.
    • Note Spese EXPENSES
      • Configurable elements for different types of expenditure; each with rules for export payroll.Configurable elements for different types of expenditure; each with rules for export payroll.
      • Automatic rules-based compensation and individual profiles.
      • Integrated fleet management.
      • Registration of multiple currencies with fluctuating exchange rates and differentiation of payment types.
      • Integrated document management for revenues, receipts and invoices.
      • Full web approval cycle covering all stages from planning to final accounting of expenses.
    • Centri di costo COSTS CENTER
      • Ability to differentiate cost centers, jobs or orders, with periods of validity and define controls through dynamic profiles.
      • Importing data from data acquisition devices is fully configurable and can be inserted into the data production system through a special panel that allows massive and rapid operations.
      • The processing of data occurs fully automatically, crossing attendance data with information derived from the collection of production data; is provided with quadrature control that checks possible differences between the two events.
      • It integrates a complete set of multidimensional analysis tools for evaluating results.
      • Ability to export data so it can be used with other procedures or processes.
  • I need a product that is easy to use and with just a few functions
  • This is the first thing that suggest the majority of our new customers in the first contact.
    Planet Time Enterprise can begin to be used in your organization with a simple and immediate configuration.
    Later, with the advice and experience of our technicians, you will notice the great potential of the product and the degree of automation achievable. At this point you can, with full consciousness, choose whether to keep the basic configuration or adopts all features available for Planet Time Enterprise.
    95% of our clients choose the second option.
  • I already have a terminal for cards to record the entry and exit of employees, but the software does not fully satisfy us . To change It, should I also replace the terminal?
  • The Planet Time Enterprise is able to import any kind of punches from any terminal model: it is sufficient that this generates a text file. The Planet Time Enterprise can even import multiple files simultaneously generated by different types of terminal.
  • I like the Planet Time Enterprise, but your office is in Italy, How can you guarantee adequate assistance?
  • Besides the service of Tele-assistance already consolidated with which we can satisfy all requirements of technical assistance in ordinary type regarding to software, Proietti is present worldwide either directly or through a network of partners capable of giving customer support in the installation, configuration and post-sales assistance.

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