Planet Time GO!

Planet Time GO!

lanet Time GO! is the time and attendance management software designed and developed by Proietti for small businesses.

It is a complete and easy to use tool that automates processes and simplifies procedures to obtain real-time information.

Easy to install, configure and use. It is an indispensable tool for controlling time and costs in the SMEs.

From the acquisition of the punching in/out to check the starting and ending of the workday, until the automatically exportation of data to process payroll, Planet Time Go! helps companies to improve their organization.

Planet Time GO! is the ideal option for small businesses that want a software for attendance control easy to use and economic, but also guarantees the ability to automate the management of the staff.

Planet Time GO! is the basic version of Planet Time Enterprise that keeps its sophisticated calculation engine and all its basic functionality. The limitations apply only to the number of employees and activated modules.

In most cases the basic functionality offered by Planet Time GO! meet many of the needs and demands of small-scale enterprises. Still, at the time required, you can make the transition to Planet Time Enterprise program preserving all configuration and historical data.

  • Gestione utenti USER MANAGEMENT
    • Profile access based on roles, context and skills: each operator which accesses the system is enabled to handle only a subset of corporate resources (even if only one employee) and benefit from certain functionalities according to the permissions they have and competences.
    • Access registration and storage of all information and critical operations (eg, variation of an input / output card).
  • Organigramma aziendale ORGANIZATION CHART
    • Dynamic organization chart (may vary over time) and tree with unlimited nesting levels.
    • You can define an arbitrary number of distinct and independent charts: the position of an employee will then be identified by a set of N coordinates, time-varying.
  • Import timbrature IMPORT RECORDS
    • Import punch in / out records, presence, canteens or cafeterias and cost center, entirely based on script; thus, the process is independent of the technology and of the detection system and it is possible to edit it (when required) in any format.
  • Elaborazioni PROCESAMIENTO
    • Fully parametric calculation engine: all rules are user defined during the configuration phase completely adapted to the policies of the company.
    • Number of profiles, rules, accounting elements and calculation phases virtually infinite.
    • Automated procedures for the elaboration of counters connected to the updated input.
    • Sophisticated method for processing the presence / absence (per time interval and / or at the specified time) that allows you to highlight a number of useful information to the operator (the absence is excused - Is one or is part of a period ? - punch in carried out at what moment - and on which terminal?).
    • Ability to build custom programs involved in the original results; conditions, actions and formulas can be combined at will to create even very complex transformations:
      • Consolidated periods at the end of daily processing.
      • One employee per day
      • As an event (eg availability)
  • Export Paghe EXPORT PAYROLL
    • Conversion rules with complex aggregator formulas.
    • Automatic extrapolation of counters.
    • Generating output files according to the script: no limitations with regard to export and data format.
  • Statistiche STATISTICS
    • All data handled and / or processed by the program can be subject to a multidimensional analysis with the possibility of using the organizational chart with elements of aggregation and a series of filters, including a very sophisticated and complex one defined by the operator.
    • The information obtained can be exported or printed in standard formats (eg Excel).
  • My company has few employees; in general I think it might be better to use the traditional time clocks with paper cards.
  • Until recently the cost difference between a presence management system (terminal, cards and software) and a time clock was considerable, and therefore choosing the second option might have been reasonable. Today, the price difference between the two solutions is very small and would only make sense if there is not a single PC in the organization on which to install Planet Time GO!
    The time clock only records the entry and exit of employees. The office staff has to do all the calculations manually. With an Attendance Management System all processes are automated to the point of being able to process payroll with a few clicks.
  • In this moment I think I don't have too many requirements, so I think Planet Time GO! is the solution that meets my necessities. If in the future I want to add functionalities, ¿What would involve a transition to Planet Time Enterprise?
  • The transition from all data (records, transfer, schedules, time profiles, accountants, recalculations, etc) from Planet Time GO! is performed using a special utility. This method is guaranteed today, and as has become standard practice for all Proietti products; we ensure that it will keep like that in the future.
    After the migration, you can activate and configure all the modules you want (cost center, XML files, import INPS Management, meals management, expenses, WEB, App for Android, etc), so you can exploit the full potential of the new product.

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