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Our wide range of software products is able to meet the needs of public and private companies in the areas of assistance and human resource management, access control, home and building automation, canteens and other school services.

Listening to the needs of our customers and the evolution of technology has made it possible that, over the years, We have created modular and scalable solutions that can meet the needs of our customers in different industries.

All products are developed internally by our development team, composed of highly qualified and competent professionals, strongly oriented to continuous updating and finding innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for quality products and services and the latest technology.

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With decades of experience in software and a team of highly skilled programmers, we are able to offer customized software solutions for every need

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Planet Time Enterprise

Planet Time is the most intuitive and simple assistance management software in the market. Available in 'Go' version, Enterprise and PA version to satisfy every type of requirement.

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Planet Time GO Attendance Management

Planet Time GO

Planet Time GO! is the time and attendance management software designed and developed by Proietti for small businesses.

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Planet Inside

Planet Inside manages access control for offices, sports and recreation centers, businesses and communities, thanks to an integrated building automation.

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Planet School

Innovative management system for canteen meals, transportation and fees in schools. Supports all school services provided by municipalities and private companies.

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