The solution for Vehicular Control

With many years of experience and in-depth studies of RF technologies for data transmission, we have been able to develop reliable and economical systems for remote identification of vehicles and drivers.

With these technologies, integrated with our software platforms, we have designed solutions that improve security and simplify management in many areas, such as areas of limited traffic, transit, seaports, bus drivers and public transportation, transportation and drivers of waste collection industry, construction, fleet management and more.

For the vehicles identification, we use non-removable adhesive labels, particularly designed to be affixed to the inside of the windshield. It is an innovative product, capable of operating with armored thermal glass increasingly common in passenger vehicles.

Our solutions are complemented with several antenna models with which we can perform long-range identification, even above 15 meters, with maximum reliability and failure rate close to zero percent.

Planet Traffic for Limited Traffic Zones


With this system, control of the flow of private and public vehicles is performed in dynamic mode making cities more intelligent and sensitive to the needs of its citizens.

Works independently or in conjunction with existing bollards and cameras

Vehicles authorized, with UHF tag sticked on the windshield, are recognized and the bollard is automatically lowered .

Vehicles NOT permitted, without UHF tag on the windshield, are recognized and the camera takes the photo of the plate for the subsequent management of the infringement.

The countless features provided by the UHF Proietti system:
  • Time restrictions
  • Days restrictions
  • Inscription and registration of all events
  • Statistics
  • Management of multiple vehicles authorized individually
  • Flexible and configurable management of opening doors (disabled,...)
  • Flexible configuration to change rules
  • Annual, seasonal, daily permissions and also for hotels clients, tour buses, etc.
  • Easy monitoring of door status
  • Opening doors remotely via software
  • Integration with database records and accounting management
  • Management of 'service vehicles' (police, firefighter, ambulance, etc.)
  • Management of authorization for loading / unloading with time intervals and days

Planet Traffic for buses

Improving the efficiency of public transport services with tracking of buses and drivers

We have developed a system capable of identifying both the vehicle and the driver, at any time, a complete view of the entire fleet.
Our solution of identification with RFID technology, allows monitoring drivers and buses, by providing numerous additional information.
The public transport buses can be driven by different drivers, depending on their work shift and to keep track of which driver is on which bus is generally used a manual register.
Proietti has solved this problem by using a simple adhesive label placed inside the windshield of the bus and the use of an identification card for each driver.
Our system is able to simultaneously check the vehicle and the driver in the different areas of transit, where the antennas are placed for identification. Places such as the maintenance area, filling, washing, etc.
Naturally, all buses and drivers are identified at the time they leave the parking base and start their service.
At any time you can have a complete and clear picture of the state of the entire fleet.

Planet Traffic for seaports


Thanks to our experience in radio frequency identification technologies, we have developed an application for continuous monitoring of vehicles and drivers in and around protected areas and facilities such as ports and terminals.
Pursuant to safety standards applicable to port facilities, ports must comply with strict safety standards. Access to protected areas must be controlled to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons and vehicles.
To solve this problem, we use an adhesive label that is placed inside the windshield of the vehicle and an identification card that is assigned to each driver.
Our system is able to simultaneously check the vehicle and the driver in various traffic areas where identification antennas have been placed.
This is a quick and highly reliable system that automates the identification of trucks, containers and vehicles in general in seaports terminals.