Data collection terminal GEO

Terminale GEO

EO is a terminal for Assistance Management, , among other features.
It is designed for access control, Point of Information, Automation, meals booking management, Security Guard Tour and for all data collection applications indoor and outdoor. .

Its most important features are the high capacity for electronic configuration, functional and mechanical that allows it to be highly adaptable and useful device in the corporate structure.

It is possible to build the terminal "tailored" according to customer requirements thanks to its small size, different versions - portable and fixed, can meet different application types.

GEO can be battery operated or be powered via micro USB, 230 Vac with external power supply 12 V DC or PoE.

Compact, reliable and easy to install.

Suitable for construction sites, cleaning companies, housekeeping and in all those application areas where it is useful to have a device with mobile functionality battery powered and GPRS data transmission or data download via USB.

Available in several versions (fixed wall, desktop, laptop battery) and easily configurable and scalable in time.

Microprocessor NXP LPC1768 Core ARM Cortex M3 - 100 MHz
Memory 64 KByte RAM dynamic + 512 MByte Flash
Clock Real Time Clock calendar precision 10 ppm
Integrated reader RFID125 KHz, 13,56MHz multistandard (ISO 14443° Mifare®, 14443B, 15693) Legic®, GPS Signal Reception
Display Graphic 128x64 pixel with resolution and LED backlighting
Keyboard 20 keys silicone gum and metal contact
Signaling Acoustic: buzzer;
Luminous: onscreen message
Input/Output N.1 relé 1A 24V max. With contact N.A.- N.C. and application of electric lock
Communication 1 Ethernet TCP-IP 10/100 Mbps (TCP/IP, HTTP ed FTP) compatible PoE
USB Host/Device
Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g
Modem GSM/Gprs class 10
LocBus Local bus for peripherals management and access control line "Sesamo"
Battery Backup Lithium Polymer 3,7V 1.600mAh
Power Micro USB - 5Vdc, 12Vdc, PoE
Dimension Voice Version: cm. 15,0 x 8,5 x 4,0
Table Version: cm. 15,0 x 8,5 x 8,0

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