Planet Inside

Planet Inside

lanet Inside is the natural evolution of the Proietti proposal for integrated access control system and building automation.

It is a platform capable of handling the requirements of a modern systems of building automation, scalable and configurable for large and small systems, based on a series of modules that can be composed of a flexible development for any kind of implementation.

Planet Inside is a software for access control that can be integrated with video surveillance and intrusion detection to provide security in the enterprise with comprehensive and innovative services.

Planet Inside is a complete access control software, user-friendly that covers all the needs of businesses in terms of managing employees, visitors, external companies and vehicles.

Thanks to the integrated database with Planet Time Enterprise and the unique data logging management, the potential of the access control system can be integrated with the attendance management and amplifies its capabilities.

  • This is a flexible system, suitable for small and large businesses, with the capability to manage from a single door, until complex structures with hundreds of controlled zones.
  • Client / server multi-level architecture, developed under Microsoft.NET and Microsoft SQL Server Databases.
  • Centralized management system with graphical map to show transactions, events and alarms in real time.
  • Automatic printing of emergency list.
  • Managing fast registration of visitors and carriers.
  • Unlimited possibilities of configuration for access rules.
  • Dynamics management of events with the possibility of integration with other technological systems (intrusion detection, video surveillance, intercom systems, etc).
  • Available as desktop and web version.
  • Gestione centralizzata impianto CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT
    • Online monitoring of the condition of the access control terminals, card readers and all the devices connected to the system.
    • Automatic synchronization of data (sending evaluations, visualization of events, logs, etc.
    • The internal scheduler of Planet Inside allows execution of commands based on preset day and time (locking and unlocking doors, alarm activation, activation shipping tables, etc).
  • Integrazione INTEGRATION
    • Planet Inside supports integration with building automation systems, anti-intrusion systems, anti-fire and sensors.
    • The optional module: Planet Inside API provides a wide range of commands to integrate Access Control software with the Information System or any management system used by the client.
    • The internal scheduler of Planet Inside allows execution of commands based on preset day and time (locking and unlocking doors, alarm activation, activation shipping tables, etc).
  • Hardware modulare MODULAR HARDWARE
    • The Planet Inside software supports a wide range of devices: access control units, card reader, fingerprint reader, actuators, status sensors, etc.
    • Maximum reliability when the operation is in a state of 'graceful degradation'. The software Planet Inside and the devices connected to it, become a network capable of operating even when some parts of the system are out of service; this is possible thanks to the distribution of intelligence in the individual components, despite being interconnected in real time, at the same time are able to act independently, even without network information.
  • Sicurezza SECURITY
    • You can define user levels from the level of simple visualization to the level of complete management of all data.
    • Planet inside supports integrated authentication with Windows domain users.
  • Calendari eccezioni SCHEDULE EXCEPTIONS
    • You can define personalized schedules to assign to the users and prevent access to the system on the dates indicated in the calendar.
    • Graphic map that to show transactions, events and alarms.
    • Ability to insert lots of maps for a total control of the system.
    • Records management with multi-level flowchart that allows precise and detailed company structure, internally and externally.
    • Management of the different categories of users: employees, external companies, visitors and vehicles.
    • User friendly interface for mass assignment of access permissions to selected users.
    • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) for managing visitors is fast, intuitive and is optimized for data entry and activation visiting card in seconds.
    • Management of temporary card that allows automatic deactivation of the card while the replacement card is activated.
  • Tessera a scalare COUNTER CARDS
    • Assign a value for the 'counter cards' for each access area. (e.g. counter for a certain amount of accesses).
    • Management of group scales. You can define a group of users whose punching registers will reduce the scale assigned to the group to which they belong.
  • Gestione lista di emergenza GLISTS OF EMERGENCY
    • Manual / automatic printing of the list of people currently inside and subdivided into the meeting points which they belong, so it makes easier to verify, in case of an event or alarm.
  • Stampe PRINTING
    • Wide range of views with ability to filter and analyze the data collected from the terminals and export them in various formats (XLS, TXT, PDF, etc).
    • Anti passback timer (blocking a second transit for a given period) or blocking of two consecutive transits in the same direction.
    • Management of the maximum number of people present in an area.
    • Advanced management of inputs and outputs. Planet Inside applies the principle of 'state machines' which enables the integration and coordinated operation with sensors and identification devices (magnetic stripe, RFID multi-standard, long range RFID, fingerprint, smart card).

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